<%section="news"%> News - Lake Research Partners <%call header("../")%> Two year run of success in Arizona continues
Lake Research Partners two year run of success in Arizona continued Tuesday night with Kate Gallego and Laura Pastor’s election to the Phoenix City Council. These victories will help ensure a progressive advantage on the Council and build off LRP’s success in recalling Senate President Russell Pearce in 2011, helping pickup legislative seats and helping elect Kyrsten Sinema to Congress in 2012.
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Rising American Electorate holds the key to electoral success in 2014
A new analysis of likely voters shows that the Rising American Electorate (RAE) holds the key to electoral success in 2014, according to the Voter Participation Center and pollster Celinda Lake. Mid-term elections frequently lead to a loss of power for the party in control of the White House. But the report makes clear that success for both political parties next year hinges on the RAE–made up of people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, unmarried women and youth aged 18-29.

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Latest Battleground Released
The latest GWU-Battleground Poll was released Monday, November 4th. Conducted in conjunction with George Washington University and The Tarrance Group, it finds that the inability to solve problems in Washington is the issue that voters now rank above all others, including jobs and the economy—a first in Battleground history. The 2014 midterms are a long way off, but the political implications of this latest act of reckless gamesmanship can already be seen in this poll, reaching down to imperil individual incumbents. For the press release, poll results, and analysis from both Lake Research Partners and The Tarrance Group, click here

SComm Can Make Communities Less Safe
A just released Lake Research Partners survey shows that SComm can make communities less safe and highlights how changes have led to mistrust.

Public: Heavier Trucks Not Welcome
Research by Lake Research Partners released today shows that Americans oppose allowing heavier trucks on our roads and they oppose any suggestion that they should be held responsible for paying for damages to our roads caused by heavier trucks.

The Rising American Electorate
Read a new opinion piece in Politico from VPC founder Page Gardner and Lake Research Partners president Celinda Lake on the importance of the Rising American Electorate in the 2014 midterm elections.

Arizona Permanent Early Voters' Status endangered
A recent Lake Research Partners survey among 2012 voters shows that enacting current legislation to remove certain voters from the PEVL designation would clearly go against public opinion
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Is American 'Acceptance of Violence' on the Rise?
Joshua Ulibarri and Celinda Lake partnered with David Jamieson at Environics Research for analysis of attitudes toward violence.

Our research suggests an opening for those who seek a society in which the tools of extreme violence are less widely available. The decade-long decline in the value of Acceptance of Violence suggests that the opportunity for change will not disappear as the news from Newtown recedes from the headlines.
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September, 2012 Battleground Released
With just over a month until Election Day, it is voters’ expanding expectations—both for the future of the country and the outcome of the Presidential race—that provide President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party some of the best news. Americans’ preference for Obama over Romney continues to grow, both in personal terms and on a range of issues central to their lives and the future of the country, including the economy, foreign policy, taxes, and the middle class.
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Here for the Democratic Team Analysis from Lake Research Partners
Here for the Republican Team Analysis from The Tarrance Group.

New Survey Reveals Strength of Democratic Economic Messages
A recent nationwide survey conducted by LRP for Campaign for America's Future (CAF) uncovers a real opening for Democrats heading into the November elections. We tested several Democratic economic message frames that defeat Republican rhetoric on jobs and the economy, including the language used by the Romney/Ryan ticket. These frames boast impressive advantages among important constituencies, like Democratic base voters, independents, women, and young voters. They should be a critical part of any Democrat's arsenal this year. Read our full release, including the messages themselves, HERE and read Huffington Post commentary from Bob Borosage, co-founder of CAF, HERE

The Battleground, August, 2012
Not only does Obama lead Romney in the race for President — a dramatic shift from the last Battleground survey — but voters also award the President critical advantages on the dimensions of standing up for the middle class, sharing voters’ values, being a strong leader, and having a vision for the future.
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Dodd Frank Anniversary Poll:
Three out of four voters favor strong oversight of Wall Street

Bipartisan Support for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
WASHINGTON, D.C. – July 18, 2012 -- Financial reforms enacted in response to the financial meltdown remain popular with Americans likely to vote in 2012, a new opinion poll by Lake Research Partners shows. The poll was commissioned by AARP, the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). Saturday (July 21, 2012) marks the two-year anniversary of the Dodd Frank Act, which created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).
The Battleground, May, 2012
With a predictable tightening of the race, Democrats must translate their advantages on standing up for the middle class and sharing voters’ values to the economy and jobs in order to define this election as a choice, and win.
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Asian American Justice Center
Asian American Likely Voter Survey

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Click here for topline results for Chinese, Asian Indian, and Filipino respondents.
Click here for topline results for Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese respondents.

The Battleground, February, 2012
The latest Politico-George Washington Univ. Battleground poll shows that, for the first time in a long time, President Barack Obama and Democrats have some reason to be confident as they look toward the 2012 election. The President is in strong shape personally, professionally, and electorally—well over the fifty percent threshold in match-ups against the two leading GOP contenders. And voters themselves are feeling more optimistic about the direction of the country. However, the President’s changing fortunes are not only a reflection of his own successes. Heady from their 2010 electoral successes, and amplified by the insular dynamics of the Presidential Primaries, the Republican Party has doubled down on its severely conservative agenda as well as its strategy of denying the President even the most modest of achievements; the dangers of this high-risk gambit for the GOP are starting to show. The Republican primary process has primarily served to reveal its candidates as deeply flawed individuals with very high negative ratings among women voters in particular. However, Democrats would be unwise to grow overconfident or shift from the aggressive posture that has taken them to this point.
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Lake Research Partners, Ascend, and American Viewpoint release new report:
"Toward a Two-Generation Strategy: Voices of American Families

Parents with low incomes express strong feelings of frustration and disappointment with their lives today, but they are working hard to ensure that their children have better lives, according to new bipartisan focus group research, Toward a Two-Generation Strategy: Voices of American Families, commissioned by Ascend, .

LRP Working with States to Brand and Market their Health Exchanges
LRP is part of a team that recently won contracts in Washington and Vermont to help those states develop a brand for their Health Insurance Exchanges and create messages and outreach strategies that will motivate enrollment in health coverage through the Exchange. LRP is active in another four states conducting research with low-income and diverse populations regarding enrollment in health coverage and Medicaid in 2014.

"Rising American Electorate"
Voter Participation Center, Lake Research Unveil New Report
Showing Growth in Voters who Decided the Last Election,
Registration Gap In Key States

The new VPC/Lake report shows population spikes of voters that make up the Rising American Electorate ("RAE") both nationally and in selected states. It quanties the drop off in turnout in recent elections and the registration gap in key states. Marital status, age and race are important determinants of electoral participation, and activating these group demands a calculated approach.
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November, 2011 Battleground Released
Just under a year out from the 2012 Presidential election, the path to victory for Democrats is looking eminently clearer and more navigable.
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Here for the Democratic Team Analysis from Lake Research Partners
Here for the Republican Team Analysis from The Tarrance Group.

Lake Research Partners (LRP) would like to congratulate our winning candidates and clients in this week’s exciting and important elections. The wins this week – from coast to coast – can be a telling sign for next year if progressives keep working hard and harness the new-found energy from this fall.
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From Lake Research/Bellwether Research and Consulting poll to be released today by Demos and the Young Invincibles: "Only 22 percent of all young adults expect a better economic standing for their generation; Whites are the most pessimistic in this regard, with 55 percent expecting worse conditions and only 12 percent believing that their generation will be better off; while 48 percent of 18 to 34 year-olds believe that their generation will be worse off than their parents, 69 percent of Millennials have not given up hope that members of their generation can achieve the American Dream."
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November, 2011 Battleground Released
Just under a year out from the 2012 Presidential election, the path to victory for Democrats is looking eminently clearer and more navigable.
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Here for the Democratic Team Analysis from Lake Research Partners
Here for the Republican Team Analysis from The Tarrance Group.

New Poll Finds Powerful Opposition to Mountaintop Removal Mining
in the Heart of Coal Country
"The survey data turns conventional wisdom on its heads,” said Celinda Lake, president of Lake Research Partners. "Not only does it show Appalachian voters opposing mountaintop removal and by wide margins, it also underscores that voters in these states are now treating this as a voting issue, and promise to punish elected officials who weaken clean water and environmental regulations on mountaintop removal."
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and here for the survey instrument, all in pdf format.

Strong Public Support For Wall Street Reform
A new Lake Research Partners poll released today shows remarkably strong public support for Wall Street reform on the one-year anniversary of the passage of the reform law. Voters across party lines support strong regulation of the financial industry, and they want the Wall Street reform law to be implemented, not repealed or weakened. The poll of 804 likely voters nationwide was conducted July 10-13 on behalf of AARP, Americans for Financial Reform, and the Center for Responsible Lending.
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Spring 2011 Wins
Lake Research Partners congratulates several candidates who won tough races this spring. Please read more here.

New LRP Poll Shows Public Strongly Supports Family Planning
According to a new survey conducted by LRP and released by the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, Americans support family planning with such intensity that it can be called a core American value, and they are willing to punish politicians who try to cut public funding for it. The full report can be found here.

May 2011 POLITICO-GW Battleground Poll is Released
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LRP Releases Findings on Restoring the Mississippi River Delta
A new nationwide Lake Research Partners / Bellwether Research and Consulting survey reveals an electorate which overwhelmingly supports a proposal to designate the BP oil spill fines and penalties collected from BP and others responsible toward restoration of the Mississippi River Delta and Gulf Coast. On the anniversary of the oil spill disaster, fully 83% of voters support this proposal, including 69% who support it strongly. Read a detailed analysis here.

LRP Releases Community Voices For The Economy Survey
The 2011 Community Voices for the Economy survey, a nationwide poll just released by The Ms. Foundation for Women and conducted by Lake Research Partners, reveals that Americans are still hard hit by the economy, with more people living paycheck to paycheck than a year ago. The survey also shows that Americans want to see the government take a stronger role in fixing the economy and creating jobs, even if it means increasing the deficit in the short term. See Celinda Lake discuss the poll's findings on CSPAN's Washington Journal here.

LRP Releases Research in California on Changing Drug Penalties
Lake Research Partners recently completed a California statewide survey with the ACLU of Northern California, the Drug Policy Alliance, and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, which reveals an electorate strongly in favor of reducing from a felony to a misdemeanor the possession of a small amount of illegal drugs for personal use. Support for this reform is both broad, with nearly three-quarters of voters backing the proposed change, and intense. This support crosses the usual partisan, regional, and demographic divides, it also holds up strongly under attack. Moreover, this is now a voting issue for many Californians; by nearly a three-to-one margin, voters are more likely to vote for a state representative who supports this reform. For more information, please see the public release here and the topline here.

AFT Releases LRP Research on Bolstering College Success
The American Federation of Teachers: Higher Education released recent Lake Research Partners focus group research. LRP conducted this research among community college, technical college, and four-year university students who are at higher-risk than other students for not finishing their studies or earning a degree. As policymakers and elites across the country debate how to boost community, technical and college success and completion, this focus group research had the objective of gathering infor­mation directly from students, to give voice to their experiences and needs in this area. Read more about the report at AFT’s website.

Missouri Voters Oppose Legislation Gutting Prop B, Want Gov. Nixon to Veto Bill
A new public opinion survey conducted by Lake Research Partners has concluded that a majority of Missouri voters do not want their state legislature to repeal or weaken Proposition B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, which was approved in November. Overall, nearly six in ten voters (59 percent) who have an opinion on the issue (those who did not respond “don’t know”) oppose the repeal effort in the legislature, while only 41 percent favor the repeal. Read more here.

Celinda Lake Published an Opinion Piece in Politico on Women's Positions on the Economy
LRP President Celinda Lake and Joan Kuriansky, Executive Director of Wider Opportunities for Women, published an op ed in the April 4, 2011 issue of Politico addressing economic issues most important to women going into the 2012 election season.

LRP Releases Survey on California Small Business Owners Knowledge of Affordable Care Act
A recent survey conducted for Pacific Community Ventures among California small business owners found that awareness of the small business provisions of the Affordable Care Act is quite low among employers. Once small business owners hear details about the exchanges and tax credits, a significant porportion say they would be more likely to offer or maintain health coverage for employees in the future. Read the presentation and press release for more information.

Kaiser Health News: Despite Deep Divisions, Health Law Will Eventually Win Over Public
LRP President Celinda Lake, Partner David Mermin and Senior Analyst Dan Spicer contributed an article to the Kaiser Health News on the long-term prospects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Lake Research Partners Wins Three Prestigious Awards, Celebrates Abolition of Death Penalty in Illinois
Lake Research Partners was recognized for excellence and innovation with two awards from the American Association of Political Consultants and a Special Citation from the Nationsl Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. Read more here.

Celinda Lake Presentation for the Jobs Summit
LRP President Celinda Lake presented an overview of public data on the economy presented at the Summit on Jobs and America's Future sponsored the Campaign for America's Future. It shows that it's still the economy and jobs that matters to voters--trumping the deficit--and the depth of the impact of the recession on real people.

New York Times Editorial by Bob Herbert References Lake Research Partners Poll on Low Income New York City Residents
LRP conducts the annual Unheard Third, a large sample survey of low-income New York City residents for the Community Service Society of New York. Bob Herbert referenced this survey in a recent editorial to support his larger point about the chilling effect the union-busting actions in Wisconsin will have on low-and midde-income workers in the United States.

Lake Research Partners Poll Shows Nebraska Voters Want All Sides Participating in Animal Welfare Debate
A recent Lake Research Partners survey reveals support for farm animal welfare ballot measure and opposition to attacks on the Humane Society of the United States.

Lake Research Partners Release Survey on Childhood Hunger
A recent Lake Research Partners survey, conducted for Share Our Strength and the American Federation of Teachers, was released February 22. The survey gives voice to K-8 public school teachers’ perspectives on childhood hunger, specifically how teachers see the problem of childhood hunger manifesting itself in their classrooms. Read more about the poll in a new USA Today article about the study. You can also learn more about the survey from a blog posting by Billy Shore, Executive Director of Share Our Strength.

Celinda Lake Comments on Voter Negative Reaction to President Obama's Social Security Position
LRP President Celinda Lake participated in a press briefing with fellow progressive pollsters to discuss negative voter reaction to comments by President Obama that suggest he is willing to consider making cuts to Social Security. Dan Froomkin of the Huffington Post covers the briefing here.

Lake Research Partners Midterm Election Roundup
LRP assisted several Congressmen, Statewide office holders and Ballot Initiatives to victory on November 2 despite a difficult environment for Democrats in this Midterm election. Read more here.

Lake Research Partners Explores the Importance of Unmarried Women to Progressive Candidates In the 2010 Midterm Elections.
Read the memo here.

LRP Helps Re-brand the Food Stamp Program in California, CalFresh.
First Lady Maria Shriver launched CalFresh at her annual Modern House Call Event in Long Beach, CA. Rebranding the program as CalFresh is aimed at increasing participation by reducing stigma and focusing on nutrition. Read more here.

October 25, 2010 POLITICO-GW Battleground Poll is Released
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Results on LRP Study on Sexist Attitudes Towards Female Candidates is Reported in USA Today
USA Today published an article on a recent LRP survey for the Name It, Change It campaign, which combats sexist attitudes towards female candidates for public office. Read more about our findings here.

September 2010 POLITICO-GW Battleground Poll is Released
Read more here.

Daily Kos Publishes LRP Poll showing Elaine Marshall Leading Sen. Burr in NC
Daily Kos published a blog entry on the results of a recent LRP poll for North Carolina Senate candidate Elaine Marshall showing her leading incumbent Senator Richard Burr 37-35%.

LRP Partner Discusses Education on ABC-15 in Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix-based partner Joshua Ulibarri discusses the findings of a Lake Research Partners/American Viewpoint statewide, bipartisan survey on KNXV’s (ABC 15) program Sonoran Living. The survey, conducted for Expect More Arizona, took a comprehensive look at education in the Grand Canyon State. The survey shows Arizona voters are concerned about the current state of education, disappointed in elected leaders and worried that the quality of the entire system costs Arizona economic and growth opportunities. Watch the video here. For more information on the survey go to www.ExpectMoreArizona.org.

LRP Releases Poll on Public Schools
A new Lake Research Partners survey, conducted for the Alliance for Excellent Education, shows that the public strongly believes that America's public schools are in urgent need of improvement and are not satisfied with Congressional action on public education.

LRP Partner to Participate in Netroots Nation
LRP Partner Daniel Gotoff will participate in the fifth annual gathering of the Netroots July 22–25 at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Netroots Nation 2010 will include panels led by national and international experts; identity, issue and regional caucuses; prominent political, issue and policy-oriented speakers; a progressive film screening series; and the most concentrated gathering of progressive bloggers to date. Please view Celinda's panel and others here. Register or get more information here.

LRP Releases New Survey: Community Voices on the Economy
A new Lake Research Partners survey, conducted on behalf of the Ms. Foundation for Women and the Center for Community Change, gives voice to Americans’ experiences during the current economy and reveals that a majority of Americans want to see the government take a larger and stronger role in making the economy work for the average American. Read more about the poll in this recent Politico article by Center for Community Change Executive Director, Deepak Bhargava, and Ms. Foundation for Women President, Sara Gould.

LRP Releases New Nationwide Poll on Financial Reform
A new nationwide LRP survey shows that voters overwhelmingly support Wall Street reform legislation that will crack down on Wall Street and rein in big bank abuses. Read the full memo here and the presentation here.

New LRP Survey Shows Soft Support for Incumbent Congressman
A recent LRP survey of likely Democratic primary voters in Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District reveals that support for incumbent Congressman Dan Boren is noticeably soft, and voters leave him in dramatic numbers once they learn they have an alternative in Jim Wilson.

LRP Congratulates Several Primary Victories in May 18 Primaries in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Oregon
Please read more here.

New LRP Survey Shows Americans Favor Starbucks Adopting A Non-Guns Policy In Their Stores
A new Lake Research Partners survey, conducted on behalf of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, shows 56 percent of Americans favor Starbucks and other retail establishments adopting a no-guns policy in their stores. Further, 37 percent say they are less likely to go to Starbucks because of its current policy of allowing guns in its stores. More information can be found here.

Lincoln, NE Voters Approve New Arena
Voters in Lincoln, NE, voted in favor of issuing $25 million in bonds to build a new arena that will bring jobs and revenue to the city and help revitalize the local economy. Lake Research Partners is proud to have partnered with the Arena Campaign on this bond issue. For more on the vote, click here.

LRP Comment on Passing of Wilma Mankiller
Lake Research Partners wishes to express its condolences over the loss of Wilma Mankiller, the first woman elected chief of Cherokee Nation. LRP President Celinda Lake said, "I had the great honor of first working with Wilma in 1986 toward her election. And then had the privilege of working with her on economic development for women, rural, native American and people of color. Most recently Wilma Mankiller came to our beloved Montana and energized a conference on rural voters and low income voters. We love her dearly and will miss her." Please read more here.

April 2010 GW-Battleground Poll is Released
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LRP and California HealthCare Foundation Release New Poll on Benefits of Health Information Technology.
According to a new survey released today, Americans who have access to their health information through personal health records (PHRs) report that they know more about their health, ask better questions, and take better care of themselves than when their health information was less accessible to them in paper records.

Results of Recent Research of Active Military Personnel on Don't Ask Don't Tell
Lake Research Partners recently conducted a survey for the Vet Voice Foundation among military personnel who served in Afghanistan or Iraq on the subject of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. What those results illustrate is a military force largely comfortable with open gay and lesbian service.

Lake Research Poll on Financial Reform Referenced in Washington Post Editorial
In her editorial on the urgent need for Financial Reform, The Nation editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel referenced a recent Lake Research Partners poll for Accountable America. Please read the editorial here.

New Poll Shows For-Profit Education Good for Economy
Lake Research Partners’ President Celinda Lake and Michael J. Wilson published an article on The Huffington Post about a new poll on for-profit education for Americans For Democratic Action Education Fund.

July 2009 GW-Battleground Poll is Released
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Annise Parker Wins Historic Election in Houston
Lake Research Partners’ President Celinda Lake and Partners Bob Meadow and Joshua Ulibarri are thrilled to congratulate Houston Controller – and Mayor-Elect – Annise Parker on her victory in Houston’s runoff election. Parker won the runoff election with 52.8% support compared to 47.2% for her opponent, former City Attorney Gene Locke. Parker becomes the first out lesbian to win a mayoral election to lead a major American city. We are proud to be part of that effort and heartily congratulate Mayor-elect Parker, her entire campaign team, and everyone else who helped in this phenomenal and historic effort. Read more here.

Celinda Lake article published on the Huffington Post
On November 19, Celinda Lake and Amy Gershkoff published an article in the Huffington Post website about the challenges facing political campaigns who are trying to reach working women.

LRP Poll Finds Americans Very Concerned About Exposure to Toxic Chemicals
A recent LRP poll of public opinion towards public regulation of chemicals was released by the group Safer Chemicals, Healthier Familes.

LRP Partner Analyzes California Politics
LRP Partner David Mermin published an analysis of electoral politics in the state of California in the Nov. 2 edition of the Polling Report. Read David's analysis here.

Liu Wins Historic New York City Election for Comptroller
On November 3rd, LRP client John Liu defeated Republican Joseph Mendola for NYC City Comptroller, becoming the city’s first Asian-American elected to citywide office. Liu survived a tough run-off in the Democratic Primary to take 76% of the vote in the General Election. Liu was the top vote getter in Tuesday's election, garnering more votes than Mayor Michael Bloomberg. LRP congratulates the Liu team for its efforts in this historic victory.

A Democratic Sweep in Columbus City Council Elections
Facing an increasingly difficult electoral environment for incumbent officeholders, LRP clients A. Troy Miller, Priscilla Tyson, and Eileen Paley each retained their seats on the Columbus City Council against insurgent Republican challengers in Columbus, Ohio. The three candidates amassed a combined 57% of the vote, according to unofficial returns. Read more here.

Don Cunningham, Lehigh County Executive (PA), Prevails Despite Republican Surge
Despite a late surge of Republican voters in Lehigh County, LRP client Don Cunningham defeated Republican Scott Ott by two points, 51% to 49%. Cunningham, the former Mayor of Bethlehem (PA) and one-term Lehigh County Executive, prevailed in an electoral environment that also produced two convincing victories in the County for downballot Republicans. Read more here.

California Voters Favor Pilot Program for Publicly-Financed Elections
A recent survey for Californians for Fair Elections finds that California voters, by almost a three-to-one ratio, favor a system of public financing for Secretary of State elections. Support for this initiative is strong across party lines and all regions of the state. Earlier this year, we found broad national support for a public financing program for Congressional Elections in a survey for the Public Campaign Action Fund. Read more about the findings here.

Recent Polling Data on Financial Reform Legislation
A new Lake Research Partners survey of likely voters in Blue Dog and DCCC Frontline congressional districts shows strong support for the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency and reform of rules governing trading of complex financial products like derivatives.

Liu Wins New York City Democratc Primary Runoff Election
LRP client John Liu defeated David Yassky Sept. 29 to win the Democratic Primary runoff for NYC City Comptroller with 56% of the vote in light turnout. This victory means Liu is all but guaranteed to win the November general election. When he wins in November, Liu will become the first Asian American to hold citywide office in New York City.

Human Rights Campaign Releases Groundbreaking Study on Workplace Climate for LGBT Americans
LRP’s Tresa Undem led an ambitious research study for HRC on how LGBT identity unfolds in the workplace, how environment can affect the retention and productivity of all employees, and how organizations can address opportunities to improve climate. The research included 14 focus groups and the largest national survey of LGBT workplace experiences to date, administered to 761 LGBT workers from across the country. Our research and analysis lay the groundwork for creating an effective workplace climate assessment tool and resources for businesses to improve climate.

Americans Struggling to Make Ends Meet
According to a national survey conducted annually by Lake Research Partners on behalf of the Northwest Area Foundation (NWAF), Americans all across the nation say that things are even tougher for their families than suggested by the official unemployment ratings. Respondents say they have seen more people struggling to make ends meet in the past 12 months than in the previous year. Many report job losses, reduced work hours, and smaller budgets for food, medical care and other basic needs. The study, which includes statewide surveys in eight states – Iowa, Idaho, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon, South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana – is available on NWAF's website.

Back to School in New York City
As students in New York City return to school, The New York Times’ "City Room" blog is providing updates about both the first day of school and the coming school year. This includes concerns about the H1N1 virus, which are particularly salient due to findings from a recent LRP survey conducted for the Community Service Society about public school parents who cannot take time off from work to care for a sick child.

Small Business Majority Releases Results of LRP Polling
Between May and August of this year, LRP interviewed small business owners in 15 states for the Small Business Majority. The wide-ranging results of this research on the economy and health care may be found here.

LRP Partner Participating in Human Rights Campaign Online Panel Discussion
The Human Rights Campaign releases findings from their Equality Forward project, with research conducted by Lake Research Partners. Partner Joshua Ulibarri will be part of this online panel to discuss our research on the intersection between race and sexual orientation. To learn more about this one-of-a kind conversation about race, sexuality, and gender, or to join in the discussion, please click here.

On the Edge: Health Care in the Recession
With research conducted by Lake Research Partners, Kaiser Family Foundation has issued several new reports and a video that shed light on the recession's rising toll on American families and the public programs that many depend on to fill the gap during times of crisis. They include a look at the lives of ordinary Americans who are struggling to cope with lost jobs and health coverage, as well as examinations of the strains on state Medicaid programs and hospital emergency departments.

LRP Partner Addresses the Tuesday Group on Affirmative Action
On August 4th, LRP Partner Daniel Gotoff participated in a discussion on Affirmative Action at the Tuesday Group. Please click here for more information.

Historic Revenue-Generating Measure Passes in Columbus, Ohio.
On August 4th, Columbus voters approved Issue 1 – a .5% income tax increase – by a 4-point margin, 52% to 48%. Mayor Mike Coleman strongly supported the tax increase, putting his prestige on the line, to balance the budget while protecting public health, parks and recreation, public safety services, and vital city services. Despite the recession, voters supported the measure to protect their city – the first income tax increase in Columbus in 27 years. Lake Research Partners extends a hearty congratulations to the Mayor, City Council, and Issue 1 team.

Latest GW-Battleground Poll is Released
Read more here.

LRP Survey of Cancer Patients Cited on MSNBC
A news segment on health reform cites LRP data showing cancer patients cutting prescription medications to cut costs, among other findings. The survey was conducted for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

Michigan voters say no to funding cuts for early childhood programs
A recent LRP poll among Michigan voters finds support for making the investments necessary to ensure children arrive at school ready to learn even if it increases taxes. Please click here for more detailed information.

Lake Research Partners Has Moved
As of June 26, Lake Research Partners has moved offices. We didn't go far - just from the fifth floor to the eleventh. Our new address is: 1726 M Street, NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20036. Our Berkeley, California and New York office addresses remain the same.

LRP’s Survey on Chronic Conditions Cited in Huffington Post Article
Nancy Whitelaw of the National Council on Aging discusses LRP’s survey among Americans with chronic conditions in Huffington Post article.

LRP Survey Highlighting Concerns About Addiction Featured in USA Today
The poll, sponsored by Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap, a program of the Open Society Institute, shows that almost half of Americans are concerned about the cost of addiction treatment, and nearly three-quarters support including it in national health care reform.

LRP Partner Discusses NBC/WSJ Poll on CNBC
The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal survey data was released Thursday, June 18, showing current American opinions on President Obama and the economy. In this video clip, partner Joshua Ulibarri helps CNBC's Dennis Kneale understand what it means.

LRP Survey of Cancer Patients on NBC’s Today Show
As part of Today’s special series on cancer, data from our national survey of cancer patients and survivors were highlighted on a segment called the “Financial Costs of Cancer” on June 9, 2009. LRP worked with its Republican partner, American Viewpoint, to conduct this bipartisan study for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

Celinda Lake Comments on Recent Gallup Poll on America's Position on a Woman's Right to Choose
Read Lake Research Partners President Celinda Lake's comments on the recent Gallup Poll here.

Major LRP Survey of Cancer Patients Released on Capitol Hill
The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network just released findings from a major LRP survey conducted among people with cancer nationwide. The poll results show nearly one in four cancer patients has delayed getting a cancer test or treatment in the past year because of cost. One in three (32%) people under age 65 with a cancer diagnosis has been uninsured at some point since their diagnosis. Four in ten (41%) have had difficulty affording health care costs, including 52% of those under age 65. LRP worked with its Republican partner, American Viewpoint, to conduct this bipartisan study.

Celinda Lake Co-Publishes Climate Change Article in Huffington Post
Lake Research Partners President Celinda Lake recently co-published an article on climate change for the Huffington Post website with Dr. Drew Westen of Western Strategies. Please read the article here.

LRP Partner Named Campaigns and Elections 2009 Rising Star
Campaigns and Elections Magazine named LRP Partner Daniel Gotoff a Rising Star for 2009. Read the article here.

LRP Salutes 5th Anniversary of MA Marriage Equality
This week marks the 5th year anniversary of Massachusetts becoming the first state to allow gay and lesbian couples the right to marry the person they love. Lake Research Partners is proud to have partnered with our client, MassEquality, in defending marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Massachusetts. Our recent study, celebrating the anniversary, finds that voters feel it has been good for the state and voter opposition to a repeal has grown ten points. Please follow this link to learn more about our study.

Snyder Takes First Again
In the May 5th Lincoln, NE City Council election, Jayne Snyder won handily with 25% of the vote in a field of six candidates. Lincoln City Council will now be majority Democrat, so along with the mayor, LRP client Chris Beutler, Lincoln's leaders are looking forward to being able to work together and move Lincoln forward. Read more at The Lincoln Journal Star.

Women's Voices Women Vote releases LRP Study on Pay Equality
In honor of Pay Equality Day, Women’s Voices. Women Vote (WVWV) has released a report titled, “The Economics of Unmarried America” aimed at drawing a clear and nonpartisan picture of the lives of unmarried Americans, showing that unmarried Americans are bearing a disproportionate share of the nation’s economic hard times. The report’s findings were compiled by Lake Research Partners. Click here to read the full report.

LRP and Topos Partnership Release Findings on Protecting American Consumers
A recent LRP poll, conducted in conjunction with Topos Partnerhip, finds overwhelming public support for creating a Financial Products Safety Commission to protect consumers from dangerous financing options such as unfair credit terms and sub-prime mortgages.

LRP Research on Chronic Conditions Still Has Legs
LA Times article features LRP research for the California HealthCare Foundation on adults with chronic conditions who are delaying health care because they cannot afford it. Survey results have also received attention from the New York Times, US News & World Report, and others.

Snyder Takes First In City Council Primary
On Tuesday, April 7, Jayne Snyder of Lincoln, NE emerged victorious from a crowded pack of candidates vying for six spots on the May 5th City Council ballot. Snyder bested her nearest opponent, incumbent City Councilor Ken Svoboda, by 5 points. Read more at The Lincoln Journal Star.

Iowa Supreme Court Unanimously Strikes Down Rule Denying Marriage Rights to Gay and Lesbian Couples
In 2007 LRP conducted statewide research around the gay marriage issue, with the goal to develop messages that would encourage voters to contact their legislators to oppose putting a ban on the ballot. Read more about the decision here.

Communities for an Equitable Olympics 2016 (CEO 2016) Negotiating with City of Chicago for Community Benefits Agreement
LRP's research in this area is highlighted in this article.

LRP Research Featured in the Christian Science Monitor
In a recent article on the rights of doctors to refuse treatments they find morally wrong, an LRP poll from 2007 on the issue is cited.

LRP Assists Herndon Alliance in Framing Health Reform Debate
The online news site Politico.com published an article focusing on the efforts of the Herndon Alliance to shape health reform debate, spotlighting LRP's participation in shaping the message.

Groundbreaking Survey on Americans with Chronic Conditions Finds One in Four Delaying Health Care
For the National Council on Aging, The Atlantic Philanthropies, and the California HealthCare Foundation, LRP conducted groundbreaking national and California surveys released March 18th on the needs and challenges of Americans and Californians with chronic conditions.

LRP Releases Early Polling on 2010 California Races
LRP's early polling of the 2010 California races shows Democrats Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom with strong leads over their potential Republican opponents Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman. However, the race to be the Democratic nominee is wide open, with a substantial number of likely 2010 primary voters undecided.

LRP Research Bolsters Congressional Testimony on Health Care
Executive Director of The Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured Diane Rowland testified before members of Congress on February 24, 2009 using LRP research on rising health care costs and its effects on family budgets.

NewsHour Features LRP Research
LRP research on the newly uninsured featured on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, February 11, 2009.

LRP Research Featured in New York Times Article
The New York Times features LRP study on barriers New Yorkers face in renewing health insurance coverage through Medicaid, February 25, 2009.

LRP Comes to Aid of Firefighters
Joshua Ulibarri and Celinda Lake provide political training at the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) annual Political Training Institute, March 3, 2009.

Lake Presents Latest Opinion Data to Bell Policy Center
At the Bell Policy Center's Annual Luncheon, Celinda Lake gives a presentation on voters' national priorities, attitudes toward spending, the stimulus package, and the federal budget, February 18, 2009.

Jacob Hacker discusses LRP research on public health insurance
Jacob Hacker discusses LRP research on public health insurance at "Thinking Big, Thinking Forward"'a conference convened by The American Prospect, Institute for America's Future, Demos, and the Economic Policy Institute , February 11, 2009.

Houston City Controller Annise Parker Signs Up LRP for Mayoral Bid
LRP looks forward to helping elect Annise Parker as Mayor of Houston.

LRP Report to Show Critical Role of Unmarried Voters in Political Process
Women's Voices, Women Vote and LRP are preparing to release a new, comprehensive report on the status and importance of Unmarried America, Spring 2009. For the most recent research on Unmarried America, click here.

LGBT Equality Conference Taps Lake for Talk on Immigration Equality
President Celinda Lake speaks on immigration equality at the 2009 National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change, January 30, 2009. <%call footer("../")%>