Associate Analysts


Matt Ogren
Associate Analyst

Matt Ogren joined Lake Research Partners in 2011. His work as an analyst includes research and strategy for Democratic campaigns at the federal, state, and local level, progressive organizations, and non-profit groups. Before joining LRP he worked with Media Matters for America, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center. 

A Virginia native, Matt graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in Political Science. As the son of two United Methodist ministers, Matt is thrilled to work for candidates and causes committed to social justice and equal rights. 


Liesl Newton
Associate Analyst

Associate Analyst Liesl Newton joined Lake Research Partners in 2013. At LRP, she has conducted research on a variety of issues including healthcare, immigration, and education and done work supporting Democratic campaigns at the federal, state, and local level. Prior to joining LRP, Liesl taught high school Social Studies in rural Arkansas through Teach for America, worked on a variety of political campaigns, and, in college, served as a research assistant to Professor David Gergen. A San Francisco native, Liesl graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Social Studies. She is now happy to be home in the Bay Area. 


Matt McDermott
Associate Analyst

Matt McDermott joined Lake Research as Field Director in 2013. Prior to joining LRP, Matt was an Account Associate with Mammen Group, managing the production of coordinated mail programs during the 2012 election. Through his experience, he has developed an extensive background in issue advocacy and digital communications. His previous experience includes time at DCS Congressional, executing constituency outreach programs through email and social media development, at the White House Council on Environmental Quality and as an organizer for Outdoor Nation in partnership with the Presidents American Great Outdoors Initiative. A Rhode Island native, Matt graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and Geography from the George Washington University and studied abroad at the London School of Economics.


Meryl O'Bryan
Associate Analyst

Meryl O’Bryan is an Associate Analyst at Lake Research Partners. In her role at LRP, Meryl works with Democratic campaigns at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as progressive organizations and non-profits. Prior to joining the firm, Meryl worked as an analyst at the Analyst Institute.

Meryl received her M.A. in cognitive psychology from Claremont Graduate University where she went on to become a Ph.D. candidate. Her research background has focused on psycholinguistics, how people make decisions across lifespan, and how to effectively reach targets and present information in impactful ways. She is passionate about using her scientific background from academia in applied settings in order to provide proven results. Her work has included conducting studies and analyzing data involving hundreds of thousands of voters for campaigns and non-profits across the nation, including several studies regarding legislative races.