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Lake Research Partners is always interested in finding smart, progressive professionals to add to our team. We offer competitive salary and an excellent benefit package, including generous leave and 401k, plus locations in downtown Washington, DC and Berkeley, CA. For general employment information, please contact us via e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or fax (202) 776-9074. No phone calls please .


We are always looking for interns who are interested in public opinion polling and strategic research. If you are interested in an internship at Lake Research Partners, we have opportunities available in our Washington, DC and Berkeley, CA locations. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Proven Success

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2014 Silver AAPC Pollie for Web Video National "Fedoras for Fairness"

2013 Campaigns and Elections Reed Award for "Best Field Program of 2013"

2012 Bronze AAPC Pollie Award for Best Use of Technology "First Targeted Twitter Content Analysis"

2012 Honorable Mention AAPC Pollie Award Internet, Democratic Candidate "Best Use of Technology"

2012 Campaigns and Elections Reed Award for "Best Use of New Technology"

2011 AAPC Distinguished Service Award for Service to the Profession "Battleground Poll"

2011 AAPC Pollie Award for "Best Use of New Technology"

2011 Casa de Esperanza; Honors to work to end violence against women

Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Policy Debate on Capital Punishment; National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

Innovative Tools

LRP carefully chooses the best methods tailored to each project to gather accurate data and provide sophisticated analysis. 


Surveys: telephone, online, intercept, mail 

Dial-testing: online, in-person 

Focus groups: in-person, online, telephone 

One-on-one interviews, dyads, triads: in-person, telephone, online 

Executive, stakeholder, expert interviews: in-person, telephone, online 

Website evaluation: online, in-person 

Online message boards 

Qual boards



Segmentation analysis 

Data modeling 

Multivariate regression analysis 

Cluster analysis 

Factor analysis 


Conjoint analysis 

Content analysis 

Max Diff analysis

"Celinda and her team not only provide excellent and professional focus group and polling services, they go the extra distance in terms of working with their clients to ensure that all voices are heard. Often, the process of putting together focus groups and polling are just as important to non-profits as the results. Celinda and her team understand this."

Phil Sparks, Executive Vice President, Communications Consortium Media Center

Expert Services

Political Polling and Strategic Campaign Consulting

Candidates and ballot measure committees come to us when they want accurate polling, insightful and penetrating analysis, and a team of professionals dedicated to winning. From questionnaire design through scientific sampling and innovative statistical techniques, LRP leads the field.


Issue Advocacy and Message Development

The right message to the right audience wins the day. LRP is one of the most reputable firms in providing issue advocacy organizations with research that shapes the debate and leads to winning policy outcomes. LRP’s research goes well beyond telling us where the public is, providing a path on how to get to where our clients want to go. Our research methods help develop a vocabulary and messages that are thoroughly tested, that resonate with the public and decision makers, and that stand up to the opposition.


Ad Testing 

Advertising is expensive, and our clients want to know if their ads are effective. We test television, radio, print, and online advertising, using the most appropriate techniques to make sure our clients get the most bang for their buck. Through LRP research, our clients know what works—and why.


Examining Policies and Programs 

How is a particular policy affecting people? How can public programs better meet people’s needs? Where are the policy gaps? What does the public think about a specific policy? Our research answers these questions and more – at local, state, and federal levels.


Branding and Reputation Management 

If your organization needs to create or hone its identity, know where you stand with respect to others in the field, or repair a tarnished image during a crisis, our branding research can help.


Membership Evaluation

When you really want to understand your members, know their priorities and what they think, LRP is the place to go. Our research for labor unions, alumni associations, and professional groups has helped organizations and their leaders vet their agendas.


Corporate Affairs

In today’s world, reliable information about the social and political climate is crucial to the success of any business. In addition, businesses often find themselves in a political environment, advocating for or against ballot measures, seeking government approvals and permits, or persuading public opinion. LRP’s research is valued by businesses because we understand people and politics.


Jury Research

Whether to explore juror pool familiarity with a case for a possible change of venue motion or to develop juror profiles, LRP helps trial lawyers provide a scientific base to understanding jurors.

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